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An inclusive project creation, engagement, and funding platform designed to generate collaboration and bundle capital so our citizens, businesses, organizations and local governments can work together to implement everyday public good projects that lay the foundation for our next generation of community growth and wealth creation.

Our Partners

  • Municipalities, counties, and states that seek to build their access to trillions in new pools of capital looking to co-create and enrich projects that drive economic, social, and ecological returns. Please check out Invested Public Network™ to learn more.

  • Innovative community-focused non-profits and businesses that are interested in project development and financing strategies that move their projects forward, deepen citizen engagement, have layers of economic, social, and environmental returns, and built consecutive project investment.

  • Citizen, institutional, and entity investors that seek in projects scalable across communities that generate economic, social, and environmental returns which are on the cutting edge of foundational strategies that generate the next stages of growth, health, and wealth in the U.S.

Status is in beta

Our first scalable project model that is appropriate for small- and mid-sized communities is a high-speed broadband fiber project that generates revenues to the municipality/county, has an accelerated investor payout structure, provides social support program for low income citizens, and a successive funding plan to incrementally expand the broadband footprint as the community grows. We will be integrating this project model within the FuelingMain platform over the next months for communities and broadband service providers to benefit from. Please follow us on Twitter or email us to be notified of the launch.

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